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The Diamond Team is backed by leadership with over 15 years of experience in network marketing and the strong desire to see you succeed with Yoli.

About the Diamond Team

The Diamond Team is lead by Brian and Sarah McCoy with over 15 years of experience in the network marketing industry. Their number #1 goal is to help you succeed with Yoli, becoming financially free and build the life you desire.

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The leadership of the Yoli Diamond Team is the distinguishing
factor that has helped this team to become what it is today.
Learn about Brian and Sarah in this video, where they came
from, what makes them tick, and how they are motivated to see
you succeed with a love for helping other people.


Team Values

Each of these core team values were established by Brian and Sarah to create a foundation that would nurture progress for the Diamond Team.


Brian and Sarah are committed to seeing you succeed with Yoli. They will help you lay out an effective roadmap to achieve important goals.


More specifically, Servant Leadership. This leadership style is key to developing the right mindset for when you build your Yoli team.


In short, it’s all about loving people. Whether it’s your customer, team member, or prospect, love will help push your team to success.


This core value applies not just to finances, but to personal relationships, lifestyle, and more. Achieve freedom and then help others experience the same joy!


The Yoli products and special blend of ingredients are what sets them apart from the rest. The results and quality are top notch! See for yourself.

Compensation Plan

The Yoli Compensation Plan consists of a hybrid binary pay plan that is very lucrative and unique. It contains a well thought out “Refer 3 and it’s Free” bonus designed to increase retention and help people get their Yoli product for free each month.

At Yoli, our mission is to transform lives physically, emotionally, and financially. Brian and Sarah McCoy live this mission. They are out there physically transforming lives all throughout the United States. They are out there emotionally helping people, and yes, they are also helping people out and blessing them financially. They are two individuals that understand what it is to build a team and work with that team. I cannot give any two individuals a higher endorsement.

Robby FenderPresident and CEO of Yoli

Robby Fender
Through the last couple years, Brian and Sarah believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and had never done network marketing before. By them believing in me and helping me run to some of our goals, I’ve been able to stay at home with my daughters. Now we’re earning a significant income, more in a month than anything my husband or I had ever done in a year’s time. I’m very blessed to call them friends and I love everything about Yoli.

Wendy BakkeDiamond Level Yoli Distributor

Wendy Bakke

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Facts About Yoli

The top two traits that dictates a person’s success with the Yoli Diamond Team are to be coachable and love people.
Yoli’s scalable model provides you with the tools you need to be successful with the Yoli products and the Diamond Team
Brian and Sarah McCoy are the Top Earners in Yoli and founders of the Diamond Team.
Brian has helped people on the Diamond Team earn a 6-figure income in less than 6-12 months with Yoli.
Both single people and couple’s alike can achieve great success with Yoli.
Yoli’s proprietary blend of ingredients help ensure that Yoli’s products stand head and shoulders above many of the competitors.


Videos and pictures are some of the best ways to grasp the gravity of the impact and involvement Brian and Sarah have had with Yoli.

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