10 Reasons Why to Go Yoli & Network Marketing

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1 – Build Your Own Wealth

Rather than working for someone else for 40-60 years, network marketing allows you to create your own paycheck. When you are an employee, you are limited to the amount of income you can earn and you are paying twice as much in tax to boot. With your own network marketing enterprise, you get to tap into the SAME major tax advantages that a large corporation has. If you utilize them, earning $50k in income can be like earning $100k as an employee… it’s a BIG deal!


2 – Outpace Inflation by Doubling Your Paycheck Every Year

Did you know the average annual pay raise as an employee is about 1%. In a network marketing enterprise, you have the ability to double or triple your income each year. It’s up to you how hard you want to work.

I’ve personally seen those that have increased their income by 500% and more in a single year even while working a full time job. All you have to do is double your customer base and the beauty is you can get compensated off of your team member’s customers as well. This can make your pay raise even more substantial!


3 – Create True Independence and Time Freedom

As an employee, simply stated you are trading your time for money… once you stop working, you get zero compensation. Many traditional business owners believe that they have achieved true independence when they open a traditional business. The challenge is most of them work 80 hours a week meaning their business really OWNS them. True independence or financial freedom is created when you have a business that is earning you income when you are literally on vacation… it is working for you! With a Yoli business, you can have hundreds of customers through your distributor network earning you income even while you sleep.


4 – Helping Others Become Successful

With Yoli the Better Body Company, you can help others live a very rewarding lifestyle by transforming their health and/or wealth. In network marketing, you get exposed to personal development. As traditional employees go, many people don’t know that personal development even exists. The beauty of a network marketing business is that in order to be successful with your own business, you must help others become successful. It’s truly a win, win situation. Compare this to Corporate America, where you see people stepping on others to get to that elite job position only 1 person will attain. Yoli is truly rewarding because you get to see people grow and become better people not just in business, but in their communities as a whole.


5 – Create Your Own Job Security

Back in the 50’s and 60’s, it was normal protocol to go to college, get a degree, and then work at a safe, secure job for 40 years until retirement with a nice pension. Those days are long gone due in large part to technological advances. Simply put, people are being replaced by machines. Walmart has multiple self-checkout lines manned by a single employee. Recently, fast food restaurants have been talking about going to an unmanned keypad ordering system where you place your order and insert your credit card or cash to pay. This is going to only further the strain on jobs forcing many to start their own business. Network marketing offers the most cost effective way to start your own business and the return on investment potential is staggering!


6 – Conquer Your Debt

College is fine, don’t get me wrong… however, it always amazes me how many people have chosen to get a 4 year college degree that has put them into debt via a student loan that some aren’t able to pay back for 30 years or more. Network marketing on the other hand gives you the very real opportunity to have a complete debt free lifestyle in that same 4 years or less that it takes to get a college degree.


7 – You Can Get Superior Products

You may be aware that over 90% of the food we buy via fast food chains and grocery stores are loaded with artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, etc. As you probably already know, these foods have led to a tremendous downturn in our overall health as a society.

Yoli the Better Body Company provides all natural products with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives so you have the opportunity to give your body some amazing nutrients all while helping others do the same!


8 – Get Recognized & Become More Appreciated

Everyone wants to belong, everyone wants to be loved, and everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something. At Yoli we call it “BLP.” Network marketing is a great way for you to get recognized regularly and we have an amazingly supportive community of people who are all rooting for your success because it directly benefits everyone. Compare that again to Corporate America, where appreciation can be scare due to the fact that it can potentially mean them not getting a job promotion due to your success.


9 – Earn Amazing Trips & Luxury Car

Whether it’s Cancun, the Bahamas, or trips to Italy or France, Yoli takes care of its members with 5 star trips around the globe. To top it off, you have an opportunity to earn a luxury car of your choice simply by helping others get healthy using the amazing product line.


10 – Meet Fun & Caring People

Network marketing offers you the opportunity to be around some amazingly encouraging people. As you are probably aware, you become who you hang around so being around positive, like-minded, and caring folks never hurts anyone. The saying goes like this, “You become like the 5 people you hang around the most.” So if you want to be positive and earn more money, hang around those that are positive and have money. Network marketing gives you this opportunity!


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