3 Keys to Becoming Car Qualified with Yoli

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Why Get a Luxury Car?

The automobile has always been a great example of a freedom lifestyle and now Yoli has made it simple for anyone to achieve a $600 car bonus given every 4 weeks towards a luxury vehicle of your choice. It actually equates to $650 a month and you can use it towards the purchase of a new, used, or leased luxury vehicle.  Now, you too can Transform Your Ride with Yoli, the Better Body Company.


Some Keys to Becoming Car Qualified with Yoli

1 – Make Self-Growth a High Priority

“If you want to have more, you must become more.”

– Jim Rohn


2 – Focus on Servant Leadership

While we do make money on others efforts, product purchases/sales to get the luxury vehicle, try to focus on how you can serve others with the Yoli products and compensation plan rather than making money on them.

A great leader focuses on serving others. By doing this, the blessings simply follow by default. Remember, it’s not what we get, but what we become in the process. It’s what we contribute to others that gives us purpose in our lives.


3 – Focus on  IPA’s (Income Producing Activities)

There are really only (3) income producing activities.  One is inviting others to a Yoli Better Body Party (BBP). Two is doing BBP’s.  Three is teaching your new team members to do the same.  All the other stuff is simply busy time that will slow down your goal of transforming lives.  Focusing on IPA’s will lead you to driving that new luxury car!


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Brian McCoy
Written By : Brian McCoy

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