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Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the brief history of the company and why I believe it’s going to be something very special when we look back 20 – 30 years from now.

Starting from the beginning, Yoli was created by 5 seasoned networkers who have not only been very successful in the network marketing arena, but traditional businesses as well. The word Yoli comes from an Aztec word meaning “to live.”

Launching in November of 2009 with a single product called Yoli Truth, the company started debt free as the 5 founders put their own funds up to ensure the company didn’t have any debt from day one. This was a big deal to me personally as it meant we as members who were sharing it certainly had less risk because each one of them had their own “skin in the game.”

yolifoundersThey had decided to use something called a “blast cap” which created somewhat of a cool factor to store and blast the ingredients into the water for consumption. While kids certainly loved it, there were some very real challenges to the blast cap as it was not cost effective and was hard for the average consumer to use.

This led to the decision to stop utilizing the blast technology after a few months. Nevertheless even with many challenges, Yoli’s launch week generated over $1million in sales in large part to the success of the ownership and who they were as men, their leadership accolades, and the trust they had created within the network marketing community over the years.

The company has definitely come a long way since its launch in November of 2009 when it began with just a single product. Yoli is now Yoli, the Better Body Company as we create better bodies through natural based nutrition and products. Yoli now has a total of 12 products and flavors including the flagship Better Body System Transformation Kit which includes 4 products that can transform your body in just 30 days. Since the launch of the Better Body System 3 years ago, Yoli has experienced some very explosive growth to say the least.

Now that I’ve went through the “short story” of the history of the company briefly, I want to talk about why I believe something very special is happening within our company and why I believe we are potentially going places no other company has gone.

Reason 1  – Systems

We have systems in place for both the customer and the member (distributor). Most companies give you products that can help you, but don’t give you a structured 1,2,3 system to ensure your success. This is where Yoli stands out because as customers have success, they continue to use and purchase products.

Reason 2 – All About the Customer

Money comes later. We have a mission to make sure our customers have an amazing product experience first because when they feel a physical or emotional transformation, we have created a long term customer. This in turn creates long term stable, residual income.

Reason 3 – Equal Value Exchange

When we “sell” our products to customers, they really cost them NOTHING! For 95%+, our products are simply a less costly transfer buy and NOT an added expense. To use as an example if you buy a 20oz Diet Coke or Mountain Dew at the convenience store for $1.69, you could’ve used our Passion drink instead for just $.99. Or if you are going to eat out at a sit down restaurant, with tip, you’d be looking at $15 or more a person. Instead you could have consumed one of our delicious “milk” shakes for just $2 and some change. To top it off, Yoli has the refer 3 and get it free program which is phenomenal. To say it plainly, if you want your free product, you have no excuses so go get it. 😉

Reason 4 – Quicker Startup

While most companies average autoship orders are around $65 a month, Yoli’s is around $250-$300. Now you could say most can’t afford that, but the truth is look at #3 above that we just went through. Most people are already spending this on monthly groceries, eating out, convenience store purchases, Starbucks, etc, and again for most, Yoli will actually cost them LESS or be a transfer buy, costing them NOTHING! By having such a high order # and customer retention a member can make cashflow nearly 5x faster than a normal network marketing company… this is HUGE if you are looking at building a long term residual income!

Reason 5 – The People

This is the most important in my opinion and it’s the PEOPLE. We focus on loving and serving people through our transformational products. If you want to be a great leader, you must be a servant first. Loving and serving others is what life’s all about. After all, you can have all the money in the world, but if you have no friends to share it with, there is no point to it. With Yoli if YOU choose, you can have both.

At Yoli, We Transform Lives… Physically, Emotionally, and Financially! Come join us in this journey together!

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Brian McCoy
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