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The Yoli Diamond Team was founded by Brian and Sarah McCoy in 2010. Prior to founding the Diamond Team, Brian was the top distributor for three other direct sales companies in the network marketing space. Before accomplishing their position with Yoli, Brian and Sarah had their own unique path to financial freedom that ultimately served as the fuel to drive the vehicle of success.

Brian and Sarah were your typical small town couple as teenagers, having been high school sweethearts who later went on to become married. At the ripe ages of 20 and 19, they said “I do” and embarked on that life long journey of marriage and building a family.

As if marriage isn’t hard enough, Brian and Sarah were still quite young when they committed their lives to each other. Because of this, each of them were still developing as individuals.

Brian, in particular, had a deep fear of speaking to strangers, as well public speaking. As his wife will tell it, Brian wouldn’t even pick up the phone to order a pizza! But these were merely obstacles waiting to be overcome.

As man of the house and with the desire to start growing their young family one day, Brian had to roll up his sleeves and take on whatever job he could to make ends meet. After a variety of odd jobs, Brian eventually made his way into sales, including one as a door-to-door vacuum salesperson.

This was where Brian confronted his fears head on. With the desire to provide for his family far outweighing his self-inflicted mental obstacle, Brian’s determination paid off. He began to develop solid skills for talking to strangers as well as learned about the positive effect he had on people in forming relationships. He still swears by those vacuum’s to this day as well!

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Later on, Brian got into car sales. At the same time, his wife Sarah had been working a night shift at the local hospital as a Registered Nurse. The hours proved challenging; as Sarah was just leaving work, Brian would be headed to the lot for another grueling day in the sun talking to countless prospective car buyers.

They both knew that married life should consist of much more than the exhausted “hi” and “bye” bookending a long day’s work. This sparked the fire in Brian and Sarah to seek a lasting change in their lives that would set them up for the years to come.

After achieving success in two other direct sales companies, and then going onto Yoli, Brian and Sarah can not imagine how things might have been different had their lives continued as they were going. Though money has its perks, that’s not all this is about.

It’s about freedom and the ability to spend time with your family the way you should be, to work because you love it, to ultimately love and support other people so that they can bring that same degree of financial freedom to their lives and the lives of many others.

Brian and Sarah have worked with hundreds of people throughout the years, many of which who have gone to achieve great success with each respective company and product. Most importantly though, they look forward to the relationships they can build through this timely opportunity and unique brand.

Brian and Sarah invite you to join them on this journey to form great relationships, become financially free, and experience the joy of the Yoli family.

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