How I Became a Triple Blue Diamond in Yoli

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Have you ever wondered why some succeed and others don’t in Yoli or any direct sales business for that matter?

Well it all comes down to one major thing… and that’s posture.

Let’s talk about what posture is and why it affects results in such a major way.


Critical Component to My Personal Recruiting

When I first got into the business of direct sales at the ripe young age of 19, I like most people had no idea what I was doing.  I thought it was about recruiting as many people as possible and thereby leading to great wealth.  Boy, was I wrong on that in so many ways.

The good news is, after much experience, I realized that most people (including myself when I started) seemed desperate as if they needed every person they spoke to to join them in their business.  They would chase or bug their friends until they either joined them or they’d say “why not…” in a whining voice if they didn’t.

yoli_122041834That is the complete opposite of posture.  When you join the Yoli Diamond Team, this is one of the things that I focus on all the time with my team simply because it’s 90%+ of being successful in this industry.

Yes, it’s that important!  People lacking posture will say “I will try Yoli” and see if it works for me.  Try and you will undoubtedly fail.

Posture is all about sharing and caring with people.  It’s about loving and serving; it means when you do share with them, you are unattached to the decision they make because you are going to do it with or without them.

You see with posture, you don’t care who joins you because you know that there are millions of other people out there that you can try to serve with your products/service and you will be successful whether your brother or friend “Joe” joins you in the business.

I’ve seen many people say no initially and then join later… it’s happened 1000’s of times in my career. “No” doesn’t always mean no, but don’t tie yourself to the decision either way.  Just keep loving on people and enjoy your relationships.

Posture means you know what you have with your amazing products or service that can truly transform lives and you say “no problem” when someone says no to you.  Make sure to give them a handshake or a hug because we still should love people no matter what their decision is.

Posture has no doubt… posture means you are going to make this thing happen period whether you get 1 no or 10,000 no’s.  Posture means you are going to make it happen with or without your best friend.  You aren’t going to make any excuses and there are no questions as to whether or not you will be successful!

Leadership and Posture

You see, 99% of the world are followers and are looking for someone to lead them.  By making this choice with a commitment to strong posture of making it happen, people will want to join you or at least take a look at your products and/or opportunity.  Because of this, you use your time much more efficiently and create the time freedom you and/or your family are looking for.

yoli_127585220Going through thousands of 3-way calls and team training calls, I can undoubtedly say that the biggest difference in who recruits on a consistent basis and those who don’t is posture.

Posture is standing upright and knowing what you have without showing weakness by being sad or depressed when someone looks at you and questions your opportunity or what you are doing.

You can master the art of posture by saying things like “I have something I’m super excited about and I think you will love.  If not, it’s totally cool.  What’s your schedule look like this week, let’s get together.”

If they ask what is it, simply say, “that’s why I’m calling you is to sit down and show it to you.  I could go over it on the phone, but it would take me an hour or so.  Again, you may not be interested, but I think you will love it.  What’s your schedule look like… let’s grab lunch.”


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With Gratitude, 

Brian McCoy

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Brian McCoy
Written By : Brian McCoy

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    Love it!!
    It gave me a reminder of how to invite people to the parties. Not worry about “no” to just keep going. I totally agree with posture as well and you are a perfect example of this as well. Thanks Brian for not just being a Mentor and partner, but also a friend.

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