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bbvitaminAt the 2013 Yoli conference, the highly anticipated Better Body Vitamin was unveiled. The BB Vitamin has quickly become a staple product in the Yoli lineup. There are too many benefits to NOT be taking this product right now. If you’re not, you could be missing out on basic nutritional components that your body should have to experience a complete transformation.

Yoli is all about making only the best of products available to their customers, ones that will foster healthy weight loss and peak health. Vitamins deliver many of the nutrients we need that are a critical to experiencing transformation. “But wait,” you say, “can’t I just take any multi vitamin? What’ so special about the Better Body Vitamin?”

While many multivitamins can provide an optimal nutritional experience, the BBV is designed particularly with weight loss in mind. Most other products are not created in this way.

For further proof, here’s just a glimpse of the benefits the BBV contain that are crucial to your weight loss process:

Heightened Metabolism

– A higher metabolism means that your body is breaking down the fuel (food) you give it and is better able to optimize it for running your body. The BBV has 1,667% of the daily value of Vitamin B12 – the vitamin responsible for having a health metabolism. Simply put, higher metabolism, increased weight loss.

Ongoing Nutrients

– One of the biggest challenges of attaining a high level of health is giving your body access to the required nutrients throughout the day that it needs. Most of us are too busy or forget to eat those healthy snacks, especially ones that have the right nutritional elements. BBC provides just that – an ongoing supply of the nutrients you need to take it to the next level. One vitamin a day will recharge your body with what it needs.

Block Radical Cells

– BBV is chocked full of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that supports proper cell function and development. Antioxidants are key to fighting off “free radicals” that damage healthy cells. BBV contains over 300% of the daily value.

Immune Boost

– We’ve all heard it from friends when we’re sick: “Take more Vitamin C to boost your immune system!” What about before you’re sick? BBC allows for a daily increase of Vitamin C to support a strong and healthy immune system that will fight off sickness before it starts.

Consistent Energy

– Do you know that mid-day feeling where you feel like taking a nap under your desk? Having inconsistent energy levels can be a real downer. B vitamins in the BBV increase performance by more efficiently turning your food into fuel. What’s more, red blood cell production increases.

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