How to Get Over the Fear of Talking to People

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The number one reason you may fear talking to people is hands down fear of rejection. But you probably already knew that, right? What is it about rejection – or even the mere thought of it – that is so darn hard to get past?

It’s not difficult to recall moments of rejection in your own life. We see it in romantic relationships, the professional world (job interviews come to mind), personal relationships, social ostracism, and general talkingtopeeoplestigmatization. We are hard-wired for approval and nothing else. So for the average person stepping into the spotlight and out of the shell of comfortability may seem terrifying.

Before experiencing success with Yoli, I was refined by many opportunities that forced me to leave my comfort zone. For many people, the WHYs range from a crippling health issue, a financial burden, desire for freedom, and many more. For me at the time it was purely to put food on the table and keep a roof over our head.

One of those first proving grounds was a stint as door-to-door vacuum salesman. Now for me, the thought of knocking on a person’s door to sell something was enough to break into a cold sweat! It wasn’t entirely unreasonable to have drenched armpits only 30 minutes into my shift. But there really was no alternative, so I persisted.

This brings me to a small list that I have discovered over the years of what transformed my incredible nerves into a fuel for success with prospecting.

1. Know Your WHY(s), Make Sure They’re BIG

Many of us have heard this in the network marketing industry, especially as a member with Yoli, but wow can they be easy to forget!

Simply put, your WHY has to trump the why NOT of sharing the Yoli products and experience. When that voice in your head pops up saying all of the reasons you shouldn’t be doing this, the voice of your reasons why drown out any negativity. The WHY will always be a driving force, even as it evolves over time.

2. Posture

Those who have heard me speak or worked with me personally know I talk about this a ton. That’s because it is one of the single most defining factors in dictating your success with Yoli.

Your posture projects your level of confidence and sincerity when approaching people. This is why BELIEF is also discussed frequently in context of this attribute. How can someone else possibly have any faith in what you’re sharing unless they think you are being authentic? Develop your posture by sharing often, moving past rejection quickly, and logging those successes on an ongoing basis.

3. Product Belief

Did you know the majority of distributors for Yoli start out by first using the products? There are the occasional go-getters who know straight away the business side is right for them, but most people are going to step into the shallow end before taking the whole plunge.

For this reason, it is imperative that you too completely buy into and experience the products for yourself. By obtaining that inherent belief, you step away from just being a casual bystander and become a well-experienced participant who has a verifiable testimonial that will naturally exude and come out when sharing Yoli with others.

Applying the Practices

These are just three of the most common ways to get better at talking to people. When these three characteristics work in harmony, the fear that was once so prevalent becomes a fading vapor. Ultimately, all of these are nothing without practice, but each quality mentioned will work wonders to drive away fear and cultivate your success.

What are some of your experiences? How do you eliminate fear or coach others to do so? Please share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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