How to Live a Life with Purpose

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Are you Living a Life of Purpose?

While most people in the world are focused on going after money or “getting rich” and their dreams of what they think a purposeful life is about, few are truly living a purposeful life.  At Yoli, this is one of our major focuses.

You see at the eulogy of your funeral, they likely won’t be talking about whether you made millions of dollars, drove a Lamborghini, and/or lived in a million dollar mansion.  When we pass from this life, getting rich simply does not matter.  What matters is did you live life serving and impacting others?  The good news is with Yoli and the Better Body System, we can live with purpose because that is our focus, transforming others lives physically, emotionally, and financially.

Now I gotta be honest, in the world we live in, it’s easy for me to get caught up in having nice “stuff” and putting others on the back burner.  Not that owning nice “stuff” isn’t okay, but it shouldn’t be the main focus if we want to have a life of true purpose.  I’ve found that the most joy I get personally is when I was able to help someone else and made an impact on their life.  I believe this is the true meaning of having a purposeful life.


More and more people are beginning to see that there is so much more out there than just having a huge income or the title of the top executive office at work. Unfortunately, many people define success by 2 things, money and power.  They say, “it’s what makes the world go round.”  Unfortunately, this has caused an epidemic of negative consequences including stress-induced illnesses, and failed marriages just to name a few.

The eulogy of a funeral thought was such a powerful thing for me and really got me to questioning, “what would people say about each one of us at our funeral and how can we focus on serving others more on a day to day basis to impact other’s lives in a major and purposeful way?”

I realized that no one at my funeral would likely hear about the rank advancements I had or all the trips I earned.  It was much more likely that they would speak about cherished memories, adventures with friends, family vacations, acts of kindness or generosity, and things that made us laugh and cry together.

You see, life is worth living… and this life is worth living with a purpose. I love the fact that the first time I experienced this, but more importantly first realized that this is what life is all about, it helped ground me more.  2 things are guaranteed in our lives.  #1, we are born and #2, we will die… it’s what we do in between this span that really matters.


Here are a couple thoughts you might consider daily to help you live a more purposeful life:

  1. Who can you help inspire today and how?
  2. How can you help serve others who are suffering? (example, volunteer work)


I love teaching others how to have purpose in our lives.  While it’s certainly not the only thing we can use, Yoli and the Better Body System have been an incredible tool to help others transform lives and give us more purpose in our lives.  It truly is a fulfilling adventure!


Be Blessed,

Brian McCoy


PS – If this was helpful to you, please leave a comment below.  It let’s me know that I’m living with more purpose.

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Brian McCoy
Written By : Brian McCoy

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