How to Overcome the “No Money” Objection

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buycarOne of the biggest objections you may face as a network marketer is the objection that it’s too expensive or that they don’t have the money to purchase your product. On the surface to the customer, this is really the perfect excuse to counter just about any inquiry from their friend who is introducing them to a product/service.

Think about it, how many times have you actually done this yourself? For example, you decide to head out to the mall for some window shopping and quickly find yourself heading down the aisle of your favorite clothing store. You say “I’m just looking” but what you really mean is, “although I’m want to buy something, I need to find something that I see value in.”

How about strolling the car lot in search of your dream car? Same thing… you are looking to buy something otherwise you wouldn’t be looking on the car lot.  You just need to find a vehicle that has enough value in it, that will fulfill a need or a want you have, and that someone actually truly wants to help you fulfill that need and not just trying to make a sale.

Leading With the Need

It’s really key to lead with the need when inviting others to look at what you have to offer them.  For example, when going out to lunch, through your conversation your prospect says that their knees are just killing them or that they are so frustrated by their job and can’t hardly stand it anymore.  Use this as an opportunity to invite them to take a look at what you have. For example, you can call them up and say, “Hey, I got to thinking… you know how you said that your knees are killing you?

Well, I think I may have a solution. I found something called the Better Body System and people have been getting some amazing results with it and I think it could help you also.  What does your schedule look like this week?”  If they ask what is the Better Body System, you simply state, “I need you to see it the way I saw it.  If I try to tell you now it will take me an hour or so and I won’t do 25% of what the video can do and the video is only about 20 minutes. If it’s not for you ok, but I really think it could help your knee pain.  I’m telling you, you’ve got to see this. What’s your schedule look like this week so we can get together briefly?

Well, I think I may have a solution. I found something called the Better Body System and people have been getting some amazing results with it and I think it could help you also.  What does your schedule look like this week?

I have heard it said many times talking with new distributors that their sign ups have stagnated because the people they are speaking to just don’t seem to have the funds around to make the decision to get healthy and/or lose weight. The distributor has hit the proverbial “wall” in their mind so the conversation essentially dies.

yoli_132135689The truth is that many of these same people that say they can’t afford a transformation kit for $279 are the same ones that go out and spend $20k-$30k-$40k or more on a new vehicle because they saw value in it.  This is why it’s so key to lead with the need so they can see value in the Better Body System and how it can help them meet their need.  Remember, they don’t know what they don’t know. :-)

The reality here is that this objection provides a perfect segue to remind them about their need and how the Better Body System could help meet that need.  Once at the party and you have finished playing the videos, say something like, “if it helped your knee pain, would it be worth it to you?”  If they still say it’s too expensive after reminding them of the need, that’s when you need to give them the FACTS.

As Jim Rohn says, “the facts are the FACTS.” You simply can’t deny or change them.  You show them the facts by asking them questions so they have it come from their own mouth, that is, they profess from their mouth that the fact is they can afford the Better Body System.  One question you can ask them is, “what is your favorite restaurant?”  No matter what they say, agree with them that it’s a good place to eat.

Next, ask them, “how much does your meal with tip cost you?”  Then talk about the amazing YES shake that not only tastes amazing but is $2 and some change.  Chances are they will be saving $10-$20 by being on the BBS shake instead of eating out.  Then ask them if they drink soda (coffee) and what is their favorite kind of soda (coffee) and ask how much a 20oz cost at the convenience store (Starbucks).  Then talk about the Passion with all natural ingredients is just $.99/serving.  They will usually save around $1-3 every time they drink Passion instead of soda or coffee.  Add to the fact that they will usually cut their grocery bill in half or more and the average savings will be around $100/person every month they follow the Better Body System!

So in reality, the FACTS are that nearly 100% will actually PAY themselves to be on the Better Body System.  When you truly understand the facts, this is huge!  You can help people to better health and literally pay them to do it… talk about powerful!  A friend of mine recently revealed that he and his wife spent $1250/month on food and beverages alone for the two of them so we figured they will save about $600 a month by being on the BBS.  And finally to top it off, there is also the incredible “Refer 3 Get it FREE” program!


KEY: A Solid Posture

Anthony Robbins says, “when two people meet, the one who is most certain will most certainly influence the other.” It’s all about posture and you can have a solid posture when sharing with others because you now know the undeniable facts.  Just remember, this is truly not about sales, but simply sharing and caring about others and how Yoli’s amazing products could meet their need(s) AND save them money at the same time.

What are your own experiences, what’s worked for you? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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