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Yoli Cabo Trip 2014

WOW!  Sarah and I just returned from an amazing VIP experience, an all inclusive week long trip in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico paid for by Yoli, the Better Body Company.  What a great joy to be able to spend time with our 5 amazing founders and an incredible group of Diamonds.

We ate, drank, swam, ate some more, ate some more, and… then we had a few more drinks. We got to enjoy some absolutely breath-taking scenery and beaches at the Hyatt Ziva Las Cabos resort right next to the gorgeous Cortés Sea all while consuming some of the world’s finest dining.

Being a Diamond definitely has some amazing perks and privileges with Yoli.  We have the ability to go on a minimum of 3-4 VIP trips each year.  The best part though is being able to spend time with people who you truly love and want to be around.

In my 16 years in this profession, I’ve never seen a more loving culture.  It’s so cool to see so many people going on trips they’ve never been on before simply because Yoli has all the systems in place for the average person to have success.



The Arrival

As we arrived, we were greeted with a special welcome reception with fresh, authentic mango juice.  Now this will probably sound like I’m a little crazy (and maybe I am J), but it was the most amazing juice (I’ve had my fair share of fresh juice) my pallet has ever tasted. Sweet, yet incredibly smooth mango juice with a sweet silk texture going down, wow!

The food was just as satisfying as well.  We got to sink our teeth into the most succulent seafood around from fresh caught grilled fish, to octopus, sushi, and freshly boiled lobster.

I was also very pleasantly surprised by the taste of the steaks as I’m from the Midwest where some of the world’s best steaks are mad; these ranked right up there.  Organic fresh fruits and all the cheesecake (my personal favorite) you could consume were on the menu as well.  There was definitely no lack in fine dining to say the least.

The Experience

After gorging ourselves in the food and drink the first night, the following day we were treated to a closed session with Yoli’s founders detailing future announcements and plans.

We have to keep our lips sealed, but needless to say members won’t want to miss the next event which is Yoli’s annual conference, August 21-24, 2014, which will have lots of incredible announcements along with featuring one of the world’s most renowned authors and financial experts, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki himself!

The next few days we got to spend lots of time mingling with the other Diamonds in and on the beach playing all kinds of beach and other fun water games.  Several of us decided to kick back and relax by getting some amazing hour long massages at the resort.

We played hard, relaxed some, and then broke bread together sharing stories and strategies with each other on how to make things even simpler for our team members.

One of the best things about Yoli is that we are really all on one team, Team Yoli.  So whether we are in each other’s teams or not, we want to come together to unite to help each other so we can transform more lives.  After all, that’s what we are here for, right!?!

Sarah and I would like to show our appreciation to the Yoli founders for putting this special trip together.  We also want to give special props to all the amazing Diamonds for their hard work and congratulate them on earning this amazing Diamond VIP experience to Cabo.   We look forward to sharing many more times together on the beaches around the world.  We love you guys!




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