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On the Road to Becoming Diamond with Jeanie Fountain

At a recent Yoli event, Jeanie Fountain was able to share her Yoli testimonial, including the road to becoming a Yoli Diamond, the struggles she experienced, what she was like before Yoli, and how Yoli has changed her life.

The transcript is available below the video. Enjoy! This is a true inspiration

My name is Jeanie and I started Yoli back in 2012. I really started for vain reasons; I wanted to lose weight. That’s 90% of people who come to Yoli are people who just want to lose some weight. That’s what they realize, until they start.

I started the system and followed it to a “T”. In 6 weeks I had lost 19 pounds, and more than that I had lost 17.5 inches. To me that’s more important because who really cares what your scale says. Nobody sees your scale. It’s about how you feel in your clothes, right? That was great.

The other thing I had noticed is that I had since my oldest son, when I was pregnant with him, he’s 19 now and in college…I had suffered from acid reflux. If anyone here has that, you know that reflux is not just heartburn. It is serious and miserable. I slept at a 45 degree angle for years and years, as well as being on prescription medication.

After I started the Yoli system, it was a couple of weeks and I never had to touch my prescription medications again. That was really amazing. I also struggled with lower back pain since my sophomore year in college. I played golf since the 4th grade so was probably an accumulation with that. Also, I would throw my back out. At the time, I worked as an occupational therapist for 18 years, so it really hindered my ability to be physical at my job, take care of my kids, stand, much less drive and walk around.

That was a pretty big hinderance in my life. I literally was living every day afraid of my back going out, knowing that if it went out, I wouldn’t be able to do so many things. Really, it was fear every day.

After the system started, things got much better. I can’t remember exactly when I realized it, but I found that my back didn’t hurt. I could get out of bed, feel good, not feel achy and sore…I’ve only been to the chiropractor about 3 times in the last two and a half years – it used to be every other day!

I truly now, looking back, feel like I would take back all of the weight and the inches if I could have that quality of life where I didn’t have to take all of the prescription medications, have back pains, those kinds of things. That’s been huge.

After that, I decided to start sharing Yoli. People were asking, “what are you doing, your scrubs are falling off of you?” What a great compliment to have, right? I decided after following and watching my sister, Jennifer, that it was a good idea. She was sharing about Yoli, and I thought well I could probably do that, we do everything together anyways!

Within a year, I met a goal of mine within Yoli to become a Diamond, and then a Double Diamond after that the next year. What that means is, after 18 years of dedicating my whole life to a career, working 50-60 hours a week, and really missing everything (applause)…Yoli, through God’s grace, has transformed my life and allowed me to be a stay at home mom. That’s what I’ve always wanted, yet I was chasing those dreams and aspirations in a career.

Finally after only 2 years of being able to share and help other people, my WHY has changed.

My WHY is to help other moms who are younger and who just want to be able to stay at home and take care of their family.

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