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On March 29th, 2014, close to 500 Yoli distributors, family members, and team leaders descended on the town of West Des Moines to participate in the seminal training event known as “Transform U”. This event, put on by Yoli in different influential regions throughout the year, is designed to inspire, motivate, and equip Yoli distributors for success in the marketplace.

Sarah and I drove down with our son to get there a day early for catching up with friends, Diamond Team members, as well as get ready for a couple short presentations that Sarah and I had the honor of doing at the event.

In short, my presentation focused on the systems within Yoli. In my 15+ years of experience in the network marketing industry, I have never seen systems quite like the ones Yoli has. I truly believe that these systems are part of what makes Yoli so powerful from a growth and opportunity standpoint. The product speaks for itself, so this combined with the power of the systems in place creates massive potential for the right person!Iowa2

For a recent video, I likened the operational aspect of Yoli’s business model to a franchise. The big reason franchises work so well is because they have solid systems in place. Those systems make the business highly scalable and allow a door of opportunity for people wanting to get into that business but may not necssarily be an expert in the field!

The downside to franchises is that there’s a heavy startup cost (Often $1 Million plus) which closes that door of opportunity to the vast majority of people. With Yoli, the exact opposite is the case. The barrier of entry makes Yoli accessible to a broad range of people. You see where I’m going here?

Yoli provides an opportunity to the “average” person that may be much harder and even impossible otherwise. Sarah and I have seen many people reach Diamond level (6-figure income) status in 6-12 months or even less. Now tell me one industry where the common person is really capable of doing that? I can’t think of any!

Ok so you guys know I love systems, especially for those who attended the Transform U event in Des Moines. Another thing I get fired up about are the events themselves.

Events like the one in Iowa allow the opportunity to be around other people who are in the same business as you, people who are there to support you, share ideas, and who want to see you succeed. Also, there’s something about being around people who have achieved a high level of success: it usually elevates you to a whole different level with your own game!

Think about it, if you played street basketball, and one day Michael Jordan offered to hang out with you and show you some of his moves, that would probably give you a whole new outlook and edge over your game.

If you didn’t get to make it to Des Moines in March, Sarah and I hope to see you at the next event we attend. Even then, get yourself out to the bigger events so you can expand your network and grow Yoli beyond what you ever thought it could be.

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