Yoli Takes Home Top Award from the TAMM Awards

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TAMMThe Academy of Multilevel Marketing Awards recently released its winners for 2013. We are proud to announce that the Alkalete – PH Balance product was selected as Product of the Year. TAMM chooses this prestigious award out of just five superior products as nominated each year in January. Alkalete won this year for its ability to have a positive affect on and support overall health.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Yoli’s very own Founder and CEO, Robby Fender, was 2nd Runner Up for CEO of the Year by the award show. Robby’s talent can be clearly seen by those who have experienced the Yoli brand or seen him speak in person. This year, Robby’s nomination came through for his ability to craft duplicatable systems, understand and fulfill the needs of his distributors, both of which lend to helping the common person see success.

Robby is very passionate about network marketing and has a love for people that is part of what helps make his contribution to the industry so great. Robby’s perpetual self-improvement and dedication allow him to be a leader in not just network marketing, but also the business world as a whole.

TAMM was founded by a group of highly experienced experts and leaders in the industry. TAMM’s focus is on giving recognition to network marketing leaders across multiple business categories who create high quality products and put forth formidable business practices. The annual TAMM Awards give recognition to top talent in 10 categories.

As always, it’s great to be a part of such a game changing organization. There are so many great companies out there, so for Yoli to take home this award and nomination speaks volumes about where Yoli is headed as a company and the superior quality of the products we have.

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